E-book that includes the first three books in the Storyhill Musicians contemporary romance series by Annmarie Boyle.
E-book that includes the first three books in the Storyhill Musicians contemporary romance series by Annmarie Boyle.
Ebook covers of the first three books in the Storyhill Musicians contemporary romance series: Love Me Like a Love Song, Friday at the Blue Notes, and Don't Let the Music Die

Storyhill Musicians Box Set - Volume 1 (Ebook)

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Start the Storyhill Musicians series with the first three books in the series:

Book 1: Love Me Like a Love Song

Unable to compose since the death of her rock star husband, Grammy-award winning songwriter Grace O’Connor is terrified the tabloids are right: she’s nothing without her famous husband. But when a powerful music executive issues an ultimatum—cowrite a new album or be blacklisted—Grace must push past her writer’s block to save the only career she’s ever known.

Andrew Hayes is crumbling under the weight of his ambition. Determined to prove himself to his family and the industry, his attempts to write the songs for his band’s new LP are rapidly unraveling. When his record label sticks him with a washed-up celebrity his future seems clear: he’s going to let the band down and finally prove his father right. 

Forced into an unwilling partnership, Grace and Andrew can’t be in the same room without the gloves coming off. With a looming deadline, they agree to a temporary truce, only to uncover a far more dangerous threat to their budding partnership—a crazy-hot attraction that can’t be denied.

Before the album wraps, can Andrew convince Grace that a duet of the heart is the sweetest melody? Or will Grace write the final note, believing that love with another musician hits all the wrong chords?

Book 2: Friday at the Blue Note (novella)

The world respects a self-made man. With a successful New York City restaurant, a Michelin Star and a James Beard award under his belt, Curtis is the very definition. Defying his childhood, he’s risen to the top of his field by designing a life that is structured and ordered with no surprises. Until he opens an email that rocks his world. 

Megan Dunne has never met a spreadsheet she didn’t like. Which is how she ended up with her business partner and occasional ‘friends with benefits’ in this sleepy midwestern town. About to open a second location in LA, she needs Curtis close to keep their grand opening plans running smoothly. That’s the reason that when Curtis announced his trip to Minnesota to settle the affairs of his estranged father, she boarded the plane with him. Isn’t it?

Curtis’ plan is simple: meet with the lawyer, sign a few documents, and be back in Brooklyn before his kitchen staff notices he’s gone. But as he and Megan sort through his father’s house and business, they are swept into a deeply emotional journey that makes both of them wonder if they’ve been playing by all the wrong rules.

Will following their hearts a blueprint for disaster or is it the perfect plan?

Book 3: Don't Let the Music Die

After nearly a decade paying her dues, radio host Avery Lind is on the cusp of making her dreams come true. When the ‘on-air’ sign lights up, her award-winning radio show will be broadcast across the nation and every lonely night, forgotten friendship, and failed relationship will have been worth it. That is until the past she thought she’d outrun saunters into her studio—on the biggest day of her life.

Musician Matt Taylor has spent the last nine years proving ‘the platinum effect’—that blonds do, in fact, have more fun. At least that’s what everyone thinks. In truth, all he wants is a chance to prove he’s more than pretty packaging. When the perfect opportunity lands in his lap, he’s ready to show the world the real Matt Taylor. Until he recognizes the woman behind the microphone. Her hair and name are different, but there’s no mistaking her. Her eyes have been imprinted on his heart since the day she left him—with no explanation.

The chemistry between them still crackles like radio static—on and off air. But as they grow close once again, Avery is left with one question: will she have to reveal her secret to get a second chance with the man she’s never forgotten?

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