A Soft Place to Land


From the beginning, it was my goal to provide "a soft place to land at the end of a hard day" with my fiction books and now I've extended that mission by starting a Substack newsletter -- a space space where we can answer questions like, "How can we create pockets of serenity, reflection, and fun in our everyday lives?" and "What does it take to build relationships and spaces that feel like 'a soft place to land'?"

In a world that often feels unrelenting and chaotic, personal havens of comfort and understanding are more important than ever. Amidst the noise and demands of daily life, we tend to overlook creating nurturing spaces -- within our environments and within ourselves.

It is my hope that "A Soft Place to Land" becomes a way for you to identify and embrace your own individual "soft places" by leaning into the things we can do to live more mindful, peaceful, and connected lives.

I'll be sharing posts on social media, but for the full experience--including deeper dives and exclusive bonues--make sure to subscribe to my Substack newsletter at annmarieboyle.substack.com. Subscribing means never having to worry about algorithms, the posts will simply show up in your inbox or on your Substack app.