A Soft Place to Land

COMING 2024!


From the beginning, it was my goal to provide "a soft place to land at the end of a hard day" with my fiction books and now I'm being drawn to extend that mission by establishing a space where we can answer questions like, "How can we create pockets of serenity, reflection, and fun in our everyday lives?" and "What does it take to build relationships and spaces that feel like 'a soft place to land'?"

In a world that often feels unrelenting and chaotic, personal havens of comfort and understanding are more important than ever. Amidst the noise and demands of daily life, we tend to overlook creating nurturing spaces -- within our environments and within ourselves.

It is my hope that "A Soft Place to Land" becomes a way for you to identify and embrace your own individual "soft places" by leaning into the things we can do to live more mindful, peaceful, and connected lives.

Watch for more information coming in early 2024 and until then, here are a list of possible topics:


Discovering Self: Navigating the Waters of Self-Identity in a Chaotic World.
The Power of Play: How Rediscovering Childlike Wonder Can Transform Your Life.
Resilience in Relationships: Finding Strength in Vulnerability.
Art and Soul: How Engaging in Artistic Pursuits Can Deepen Self-Understanding.
Graceful Aging: Embracing Every Stage of Life with Grace and Poise.
The Love We Give: The Importance of Self-love and How it Shapes Our Relationships.
Rediscovering Joy: Simple Activities that Can Bring Pleasure Back into Life.
Healing through Music: The Transformative Power of Melodies and Lyrics.
The Mindful Morning: Daily Rituals for a Serene Start.
Affirming Life: The Power of Positive Affirmations for Personal Development.
Shared Laughter: Why Comedy and Humor are Essential for Mental Health.
Fashion & Identity: How Personal Style Reflects and Shapes Who We Are.
Nature’s Therapy: How Outdoor Activities Foster Well-being and Personal Growth.
Building Trust: Unpacking the Fundamentals of Secure Relationships.
The Magic of Storytelling: How Sharing and Listening to Stories Impact Our Lives.
Nurturing Creativity: Ways to Reignite Your Passion Projects.
The Strength of Softness: Redefining Strength in Today’s World.
Travel as Transformation: How Experiencing New Cultures Enhances Personal Development.
Finding Sanctuary: Creating Personal Spaces for Reflection and Relaxation.
Culinary Comfort: How Cooking and Baking Can Be Acts of Self-Love and Healing.